Northern Dreamers

Month: June 2021

Northern Dreamers - Episode 13 - As Soon As Pegging Came Up I Was Out

Ep. 13 – As Soon As Pegging Came Up I Was Out

This week the team talk about The Rapture, the end of the world, Zombie outbreaks, Trains travelling the world in a frozen wasteland and Armageddon. Yes, we’re talking about the Apocalypse. With so many different ways the world could potentially end and we get Covid.

We discuss how we would survive in an end of the world scenario, living in Takeshi’s Castle during a zombie outbreak and having Craig Charles narrate it before asking the question; if a meteor was hurtling to earth, would we send the Queen to stop it?!

This weeks host is Omer.

Northern Dreamers - Episode 12 - Forget The Gunge, I'm Here For The Clunge

Ep. 12 – Forget The Gunge, I’m Here For The Clunge

This week the Northern Dreamers talk all about the Kids TV shows we grew up with. We discuss everything from; finding out the truth about Chuckies Mum in Rugrats, Ash letting Butterfree go and watching Fun House just for the Twins.

We discuss how these shows wouldn’t make it onto the air today and chat about how on earth something like Ren and Stimpy even made it to TV.

This week Glen is the host and we have on special guest Andy from the ‘Do What Makes You Disney’ Podcast

Northern Dreamers - Episode 11 - Jason Momoa, There Are A Lot Of Moist Loins

Ep. 11 – Jason Momoa, There Are A Lot Of Moist Loins

This week the theme is Marvel Vs DC. We give our opinion on which side we prefer, what makes their rivalry so special, what we love from each franchise, and discuss the fact you can actually love both sides. 

We also look at Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and discuss how we want him back alongside Ryan Reynolds Deadpool. We chat about Green Arrow and the Arrow-verse before moving on to talk about Tom Hardy as Bane and Venom.

This weeks host is Little Dave.