Northern Dreamers

Month: May 2021

Northern Dreamers - Episode 9 - I Was Defeated By 2 And Half Feet Of Meat

Ep. 9 – I Was Defeated By 2 And Half Feet Of Meat

This week’s theme is food. The guys talk about going to Subway, Mad Max style trips to KFC, the birth of “Chicken in a bag!” and they top it all off with a story about double dipping a certain phallic body part at an all you can eat buffet.

Big Dave tells us how he took a car door off and slept in Adam’s dirty laundry, Calumn tells us about his girthy big boy and Glen tries to convince everyone that there definitely should not be a Netflix special about him.

This week’s host is Adam.

Northern Dreamers - Episode 8 - Red Or Blue, It's Kinda Important!

Ep. 8 – Red Or Blue, It’s Kinda Important!

This week we take a look at the paranormal and talk about the differences between East and West Ghost tales. We get into chats about different stories ranging from The Grudge to poltergeists, and a ghost that offers you blue or red toilet roll. 

We ask the question; Do we believe in ghosts and other paranormal events? and discuss our upcoming Film.  

This weeks host is Big Dave.

Northern Dreamers - Episode 7 - Threw Them At A Girl And Tried To Kiss Her

Ep. 7 – Threw Them At A Girl And Tried To Kiss Her

The Northern Dreamers are dwindling in numbers this week with Glen, Big Dave and Calumn.

We try a new twist to the show where each member of the team now takes the reins and talks about their selected subject or topic; this week Calumn talks all about collecting. We discuss all the things we have collected over the years, why we collect and the strangest things that we’ve collected over the years.

We talk about collecting cans, pogs, kinder eggs balls, plus many more. We also chat about how anime has helped grow our friendship and how collecting is more than just a single person hobby.

Northern Dreamers - Episode 6 - Cracking One Out To My Pile Of Shame

Ep. 6 – Cracking One Out To My Pile Of Shame

The Northern Dreamers get real. We talk about healthy living, hobbies and mental health, not just our own but how other people might feel too. We do this by keeping the show funny but, we do take mental health seriously and we try to help people understand that you ARE NOT alone and that there are people who will always listen if you need to talk.

Glen opens up for the first time about being in an abusive relationship and Adam tells us about how someone close to him transitioned, from a woman into a man, and how that person had anxiety about telling him about it. 

We do open up a lot in this episode and we hope it helps others open up about their mental health with friends and family.