Northern Dreamers

Month: April 2021

Northern Dreamers - Episode 5 - Why Is There A Picture Of Sandra Bullock?

Ep. 5 – Why Is There A Picture Of Sandra Bullock?

This week the Northern Dreamers talk about technology and take you on a nostalgia trip. We look at a variety of topics regarding how technology has changed over the years; from computers, video games and phones to medication, the advancement in prosthetics limbs and how we may be able to get a new face after being shot with a shotgun.

We also go off on a little tangent and tell stories about how we, as youngsters, found our porn in the forest and how buying a Nuts magazine and pack of football stickers was the norm.

This weeks guest is Chris Fleming

Northern Dreamers - Episode 4 - Spunking In A Jam Jar

Ep. 4 – Spunking in a Jam Jar

This week the team talk all about going to space and space travel. They look at the giant leaps we have taken; from just landing on the moon, to hopefully one day setting up a base on Mars.

They discuss the most recent Mars rover and what to expect from that. They also answer the question; if they were sent to Mars alone, what type of biscuits would they take to last forever?

They also look at the declining sperm rate within males and how the sperm count and why, along with what you can do with a Jam Jar to save the human race.