Northern Dreamers



Alcohol, Gaming and Beards.

These were the ingredients chosen to make the perfects friends.

…but, life accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction – Mental Health!

Thus, the NORTHERN DREAMERS were born.

Using their own experiences and complete lack of Knowledge; Glen, Calumn, Big Dave, Adam, Little Dave and Omer have dedicated their lives to making you laugh and helping with your Mental Health.

Each week we bring you funny stories, anecdotes and our experiences in the hope of making you laugh with us and not just at us. So join us as we deal with our issues and also help you to see that the world isn’t all doom and gloom.

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 20 - Who Needs Lube When You Have Bacon Butter

This week the Northern Dreamers talk food again or, cooking without Calumn if you will. We talk about the foods we enjoy cooking, our favourite food and what is our go-to meals are...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 19 - A Turkey Baster Full Of Jizz, That's Gotta Be First Class

This week the Northern Dreamers talk about side hustles and what we had to do or planned to do during Lockdown in the midst of Covid-19. Dave talks about how he is the...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 18 - I'd Buy A Super Nintendo And Bitch Slap My Mother

This week, even if we do have some strange audio issues from one person in particular, we talk Nerd money. We discuss what you spend your hard-earned nerd money on from figurines to...

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The team talk about what they wanted to be when they grew up. We had dreams of being a pilot, being an animator, being an architect and even a ninja. We discuss what...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 16 - You Can’t Call Him Action Man If He Isn’t Getting Any Action

This week Glen, Adam, Calumn & Little Dave talk about toys, the toys we grew up with and how our toys have changed now that we get older. We talk action man, dolls...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 15 - I Mean I Hope He Got To Finish.

This week the Northern Dreamers talk about stories including what we are currently reading and the stories that have influenced us. We look at the stories of Jack the Ripper, Lochness, Beowulf and...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 14 - You Basically Bought A Shiny Dildo

For the first time, this season The Northern Dreamers are together in one room… well, three of them are. This week, Glen, Big Dave and Adam talk about sitcoms & TV shows we...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 13 - As Soon As Pegging Came Up I Was Out

This week the team talk about The Rapture, the end of the world, Zombie outbreaks, Trains travelling the world in a frozen wasteland and Armageddon. Yes, we're talking about the Apocalypse. With so...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 12 - Forget The Gunge, I'm Here For The Clunge

This week the Northern Dreamers talk all about the Kids TV shows we grew up with. We discuss everything from; finding out the truth about Chuckies Mum in Rugrats, Ash letting Butterfree go...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 11 - Jason Momoa, There Are A Lot Of Moist Loins

This week the theme is Marvel Vs DC. We give our opinion on which side we prefer, what makes their rivalry so special, what we love from each franchise, and discuss the fact you...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 10 - Turn That Jiggle To 99

This week the guys talk gaming. We let listeners know about our new gaming show coming soon. We talk the very first games we played and games really got us into gaming. We...

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Northern Dreamers - Episode 9 - I Was Defeated By 2 And Half Feet Of Meat

This week's theme is food. The guys talk about going to Subway, Mad Max style trips to KFC, the birth of "Chicken in a bag!" and they top it all off with a...

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